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10 years ...

Updated: May 1, 2020

It is really hard to believe but 10 years ago this week I started out on the journey of owning my own business.

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I started my professional photography career at Kiddie Kandids as a part time photographer and within a handful of years moved all the way up to manager at the Southwest Plaza location. When the company suddenly closed their doors January 2010 shortly after the New Year, it was a shock and very scary for the 8 employees who had been working for me for several years. I contacted our clients from the studio and started the long process of going out on my own.

I started with photographing my family and loyal clients and slowly grew the business. When I first started there were so many things I didn't think about needing to do. It wasn't just about posing or finding clients and getting them booked. I had to choose what products I wanted to offer and figure out what company was the best one to use. I learned how to use our equipment differently then before. Then figure out how to fix it when it broke and who to ask for help with all the technical issues. I first worked part time jobs until I could go full time and focus solely on MCP. When that switch happened I felt like there were more days I spent on business side of things then actually taking and editing portraits. Learning SEO and marketing on my own. Navigating all of the intricacies of owning a small business while still trying to make a living has been tough. Lots of long hours, working weekends, missing family time ...

Newborn portraits, baby photos, studio portraits

And yet it is all worth it. Every week I meet new people, learn their stories and get to be part of their important milestones of their lives. Over the years I have lost a few precious souls. And that has only cemented how important it is for me to capture my loyal clients and families each year. Making sure I treat each session as the honor it is to be part of a family's history.

Owning my own business means that I can set my own hours and vacations. I can take the time to volunteer at school and events. I don't have to sit in a store and punch the clock. I don't have someone else's agenda to follow. I have the freedom to chase my dreams and create my own vision for our art and our journey. I have my own style and niche of photography.

I couldn't have done this alone. All along I have had wonderful family, friends and loyal clients who helped me along the way! And I couldn't be more thankful!

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