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Chicken soup for the Photographer's Soul

It is so easy to fall into or stay in the habit of work, work, work. And then we forget that we first picked up the camera not to make money. I remember my first camera when I was a child. It was a subminiature film camera. Something similar to this one.

With it's tiny film and nearly microscopic negatives. There wasn't a lot of detail but I loved taking pictures of whatever caught my fancy. I have had a camera in my hand for as long back as I can remember. All through high school and college I studied film, developing techniques and learned more in depth how to take advantage of your camera's multitude of functions.

I am totally dating myself but by the time I finished college I was still using film only. I worked in a camera shop that developed film so that I could get a discount on processing fees. Even at that time it was really expensive!

My husband and I would drive into the mountains and look for cool places to photograph. Stopping whenever I saw something. I love taking portraits of iconic America that has fallen in the test of time. When you can look through the rust and weather worn metal, it is as if you are seeing the ghosts of history.

It was not soon after that I began my journey as a portrait photographer. I love capturing time for families. And playing with kids all day was a bonus. It hasn't been an easy path. I found that as time went on, even before my dude arrived, that we just went out on excursions less and less. Then my son arrived and time was non-existent.

So this year Natalie and I decided that we are going to challenge ourselves to shoot something we are interested in. A different topic each month. Re-discovering our passion for the camera. The photographer's chicken soup!

This month I have been photographing snowflakes with our new macro lens. It is not as easy as you would think to capture something so unique and fleeting. Though Colorado weather sure is giving me lots of opportunities to get exactly what I want. Haha. And it is not really that unexpected that my favorite shot so far is of our fur baby.

Pet Photography
Puppy Love

We hope that you follow us on facebook and instagram so you can see what we are passionate about. I will be continuing to try to capture the elusive perfect snowflake... while feeding my passion.

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