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Fall is in the air!

Oh my goodness where has this year gone? I can't believe how quickly it has just flown by.

I can always tell when fall is on the way when the Mums are popping out. If you are one of those families that has lots of weekend activities, it is best that you reach out as soon as possible to schedule your portrait date. We will be sending out our reminders to last year's clients at the beginning of next week. And we will be inviting new clients the week after.

We have a couple of different fun ideas and locations that we will be offering. And we will have details on these as we finalize our plans. Based on previous experience it is looking like peak color with be the last two weeks in September or the first two weeks in October.

We always love fall as this is when we get to see everyone again! Some new family members have been added this year and we can't wait to see how they have grown! Give us a buzz when you have your calendar in front of you. And look for our emails starting next week!

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