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Fees For Views

Photography Permits are required in most state and city parks this Fall.

Over the last couple of year the State of Colorado and various counties have slowly been adding photography permit requirements for some of the lovely views of our state. As a small business owner it is hard not to get down about the additional fees but as a thoughtful conservationist it is important to limit the damage to these beautiful areas. It makes sense when you think about it, these views need to be cared for with rangers, clean up and work crews.

So what does this mean to you? The first is planning, most permits take at least a week to obtain. So if you are a last minute booking type, you may not be able to get the location you want simply because it takes time to get permission. However for most of you, we pick our location well in advance, so not a big deal.

How much are we talking here, Sara? Typically most locations it is between $25 -$100. Can the fees be shared with another client or friends? It depends on the location. Each county is different and some permits are per family. If you need or want to try cut that cost down, just let me know. I am always willing to do two families back to back or if you are bringing friends and family to do two groups at once.

What if we don't want to pay this extra fee? Are there still free places to go? Yes. Not many but it is possible to still get a great view without the extra fees. However you may have to drive a little bit for that location. And there is a travel fee for areas out of the Denver area. Also porch sessions at your house are still very popular.

Really when it comes down to it, capturing your memories is an investment. And all good things are worth saving for. Your permit and session fees are due before your portraits. And then typically you aren't ordering until 4 weeks or so later. So that helps in spreading out the investment. Also I do offer payment plans through Square, this way you can get your Christmas presents from me and just make payments with them.

Ultimately, I am your partner and guide in your photography experience. And I know that together we will create some beautiful memories!

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