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Preparing for Your Ordering Appointment

By the time you to get to your ordering appointment usually people forget to prepare. Well you prepared for the portrait session at the consultation by picking out where, when and what we are hoping to achieve. You get yourself ready for portraits with a haircut, new clothes and cleaning up the kids. So why shouldn't you also prepare for your ordering appointment also? Well many of our clients just don't think about it.

So today I am going to talk about how to prepare to pick your portraits. Portraits and wall art are big investments and should be given due time and consideration. That is why we start talking about it during your consultation. We want you to see our products and start envisioning our art on your walls.

The first questions to ask yourself, where do I have room or a good space for some art? As an artist, before I had my little dude I collected art from the places that we traveled. So between the Rockies paraphernalia that came with my husband and my art that I am not ready to part with, there isn't a lot of space in my home for portrait wall art. When I decided that I wanted a metal portrait, I first picked where it would fit. So I knew the size, space and lighting before we even took the pictures.

So we want you to do the same thing. Where do you have room for art? It should be somewhere visible. A place where you will enjoy it. Typically eye level or above. And a big space needs a big portrait. There is nothing worse than buying a beautiful portrait, putting it on the wall and realizing you should have gotten a bigger size. And that leads into my next thought.

How do I know what size to purchase? There are a couple of things you can do. If you already have art on the wall, do you think it is big enough? Measure it. After seeing your beautiful portraits there is a pretty good chance you won't remember the size of the art you are replacing if you haven't measured it recently. The second thing you can do is take a sheet of printer paper, put it on the wall you are thinking about, take a picture and send it to us. The printer paper allows us to scale your personalized room view.

What is a room view, you ask? This is where we take the picture you have sent us and add in a custom portrait collage of your family. This will help you visualize your portraits in your home. We will take the information that we have gathered from you to create the perfect wall art of your favorite people. Something you will treasure for years to come.

In the room you are decorating, what are the predominate colors? If you are planning on wearing red, will it match with the decor? You do want your art to pop. But not in a distracting or clashing manner. Also take into consider the lighting and texture of the room. Some of our wall art is reflective and would not look best across from a big window. We have frames for every decor. A quick 360 picture will help us guide you in the best direction.

The last things to consider are gifts. Are you planning on giving your folks a print or two? What size do they want? It's a good question to ask. Texting your mom during your ordering appointment will rarely get you the answer in time. Ask them in advance so you know what you need.

So let's recap. Know where you want to put your portraits and take a picture for a personalized room view. Think about colors, textures and lighting in the room. And don't forget about your parents. If you are overwhelmed by this, don't worry, that is what we are here for. We have been helping people make these tough decisions for a long time. And we are happy to advise you as well!

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