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Silhouette Wall Art

There are so many things that I love about my job. The people are definitely the best part. As an artist, however, holding my work in my hands is by far the most rewarding.

There is so much that goes into every single portrait that I create. It's not simply the camera, flash, computer, continued education... And granted I understand completely why people want digitals. But I have spent years of my life finding the absolute best ways to display my portraits. There is nothing more amazing then seeing my vision come to fruition.

This particular piece is one that makes my heart beat faster! I recently started offering family silhouettes and I pictured these printed on metal. The colors on metals are the most vibrant and eye catching. Plus with the unframed edge and floating wall mount it has such a clean and modern look. I printed one for myself last year and put it in my bedroom. I wake up every morning and see that picture...just makes me so happy to see my son captured in those amazing colors.

Back on track...I picked up my first family silhouette on metal from my Longmont printer and I can't stop staring at it. The colors pop off the metal. The details in the sunset and clouds are just as they were IRL. I cannot wait to help this beautiful family hang it on their wall.

Metal Wall Art vibrant colors
Family Silhouette Colorado Mountains

I have found a couple of amazing locations to capture our beautiful sunsets, incredible mountains and my amazing clients along the front range. I love to capture my families in front of our mountain range first and then once the sun starts to set we have fun with silhouettes. However, if you just want to capture a silhouette, you don't have to get all dolled up. I can recommend the best clothing to wear and a couple of different fun ways to do this type of portraiture. If you are interested, let's chat!

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