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Week 3 Stay at Home

I hope that this finds you well. We are surviving here at home. Teaching home learning has been a bit of a challenge. However I think my Dude and I are finding a good routine. We are both learning how to work a non-Mac computer. Good grace that is more of a learning curve than I would like to admit.

On a photography front, my little Dude and I have a couple of really fun projects in the pipeline. I can't wait to share them with you. I have also been creating some new digital backgrounds to use with my newborn portrait sessions. One will be released on Easter with our beautiful Adelaide as a model.

Also I have to say the weather is cooperating so that I can continue my passion project. Yesterday before that bit of snow came in we had some freezing rain. Q and I went for

our afternoon walk and discovered it left these wonderful frozen droplets all over everything. It was truly magical. I have always loved these early Spring storms. Though I do worry about our early budding trees and the flowers that come to shine first. I love how the two seasons mix together to create their own special artwork.

We also have these bushes throughout the neighborhood. I am not sure what type of bush they are but I have always been fascinated with the spiderwebs that you can find on top of them. Whenever we get moisture you can see the webs better and I have loved capturing drops of water (and now snow) on them. The macro lens really allows me to get the detail with the web.

So life is continuing here for my family and my business. I have new backgrounds getting ready for Spring portraits, digital backgrounds for our newborns and will be offering porch portraits once restrictions are lifted. This is a monumental time in our lives. And I will be capturing my family on our front porch to remember the months we spent sequestered once we have spring showing and flowers around. I want to offer these to you as well. As soon as I have details for those sessions I will let you know!

Stay safe! - Sara

These ear muffs are one of the lost items on our daily walk. When I saw them encrusted with ice, I thought it would be fun to chronicle the different seasons we see while they are waiting to be found.

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