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What do I wear to my Portrait Session?

After you find your photographer, pick your date and location the next big hurdle is what to wear. As your photographer I am here to help you. I have compiled a list of pointers to make choosing outfits a whole heck of a lot easier!

Color Palette...

The first thing to take into consideration is the location. Where are we shooting? What colors will be in the background? If you don't know the answer to that question, just ask! I have definitely been to every location I bring my clients. You don't want to blend into the background. So make sure to wear some contrasting but complimentary colors.

It is best to think in tones, such as earth tones, neutrals, pastels. You can use several colors in your palette just make sure that they all have the same tone. If you can shop for everyone at the same store it will make it easier to coordinate. All stores have a color palette for the season and it will be fluid across the different sizes and genres.

Another thing to take into consideration the colors in your home. If your home is decorated in neutral colors, it might not be best to choose buffalo plaid as your main pattern. You do want to pop on the wall but you don't want to completely clash.

Don't go matchy-matchy with everyone in the same pattern. If there is a pattern that you like, it is better to have it be highlighted on one or two people. Patterns when layered under vests and sweaters will appear less busy. If your husband is wearing a patterned shirt you could wear it on your belt and you daughter on some fun socks...there are endless possibilities.

This family wore read as the main color which paired nicely with the Red Rocks and tall yellow grasses.
This is a great example of Colorado casual, the red paired beautiful with the red rocks and yellow grasses.

Casual or Formal?

So is your session location in the city or taking advantage of our beautiful Colorado? City scapes call for a more sophisticated look. Formal clothes, high heels and jeans, even ball gowns... There are many ways you can play with an urban location. Colorado beautiful, depending on the season, can call for a variety of colors however mostly lends itself to a more comfy casual look. Now just because we are a western state with many ranches doesn't mean you need a cowboy hat! Colorado casual is my go to fashion in life. Jeans with a well fitting top layered with coat, vest or sweater and paired with your favorite boots. Bring a hat, beanie and a scarf to accessorize further.

When you are shopping either in your closet, online or in a store do not forget to think about the shoes. I mostly see this happen with little boys. It is easy to buy your daughter cute shoes, let's be real, there are so many options. But for boys it is a lot harder. Old tennis shoes will quickly ruin your son's look.

Also it's not a great idea to wear high heels when we are trooping around on dirt trails. So if they are a must for your outfit, bring a pair of shoes you can easily walk in. However I do recommend that your shoes fit in with your surroundings.

Be Comfortable

If you don't love what you are wearing, you will definitely be showing that lack of comfort in your portrait. I once had a new dad wear his pre-pregnancy skinny jeans to his newborn portrait session. The were so tight he could barely sit and it showed. Now we had a good laugh about it but it is much better to wear something that is comfortable.

Use your "going out" outfit as inspiration for where to start. You already love it and it encapsulates "you", so you know you will feel great. While you are focusing on you, highlight your best asset. It will boost your confidence as well as keeping you comfortable.


Out of all of this information, the most important thing to remember is that I am here to help! I can set up a mood board for inspiration on this season's fashions. We can have a styling consultation over the phone, zoom meeting or in person. I am happy to help you comb through your closets. I love it when my clients text me from the store. You don't have to make these decisions by yourself. That's why I am here!

Thanks for taking the time to read this article! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or give me a holler. Happy day to you!

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