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First Birthday Smash and Splash Themes

So the time has arrived for you to choose your little one's first birthday theme. If you are like myself you search on pinterest or instagram for themes. And man the results are overwhelming!

Here are some of the sets I have created for clients to give you a starting place for ideas.

Your favorite movie as a kid, favorite story book or songs can also be a great source of inspiration. The popular movies are Toy Story, Trolls, Frozen and Minions. I love Dr. Seuss books and used his colorful drawings as a theme for my son's first birthday. And a very annoying, sorry FUN, song that I have seen done is Baby Shark.

If you are still having difficulties nailing down your theme, we can make our own. Though it is popular to do a cake smash, it is also fun to smash into different foods. Is there a food that your family just loves? Tacos, spaghetti, mac'n'cheese? What is your little one's favorite food? Strawberries, watermelon...let's do something special. You don't have to be creative, hire a creative person (me)! I will come up with ideas, create a mood board and can even do all the shopping. You just let me know how I can help.

The most important thing is to capture your baby in all their fun and glory. Smash and splash sessions are laugh-fests! Babies have some of the most adorable ways of reacting to new situations and it is so much fun to photograph them this way. Don't let this fun session pass you by!

If you are as visual as I am I have compiled a list with links of some of the favorites.


Wild One

Toy Story

Baby Shark

Cookie Monster

The Big One




Donut Grow Up & Unicorn


O-fish-ally One

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