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Germ Safety

With the Corona virus and mass media creating a bit of a frenzy, I am sure there are some new parents and parents-to-be who are a bit nervous about bringing their new baby out in to public. So I thought I would take a few minutes to talk about our safety protocols for keeping your newborn and children safe. Because even though we love to see newborns before they start cluster feeding, our first priority is happy and healthy for both baby and mom.

1. We are both up to date on our vaccines and flu shots. We realize that new babies are very susceptible to germs. And keeping ourselves healthy is the first step to keeping your baby safe. We also wash our hands before handling your baby and will rewash or use sanitizer throughout your session.

Superhero Portraits

2. If we are sick or if there is someone sick in my home we will reschedule. Despite the studio being its own separate space, I just won't take that risk. If my kiddo has been sick but is in recovery, I always divulge that information so you can make an informed decision.

3. The studio is cleaned before and after each session. We use Honest company products to wipe down all surfaces. The carpet is also vacuumed. All wraps and blankets are cleaned after being used. Our stuff isn't just washable because babies are messy but to keep germs from being transferred from client to client.

4. We use pacifiers to soothe babies while positioning them in different poses. It is better for your baby to let them have a minute with the pacifier then to stop, soothe and redo position as that will add more time to your portrait session. Now while handling and moving your baby around should the paci drop we will always take the time to clean it before using it again. And if you didn't bring one to your session, we have brand new ones individually wrapped that we will offer for your baby's comfort.

I hope that our precautions help soothe an concerns that you may have had. Just keep in mind that safety is always our first priority. Should you have any concerns, I am available via phone, text or email to answer any questions.

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